6 Ways Your Environment Impacts Your Recovery

Environmental influence is something most people understand on a fundamental level. A host of variables in a person’s environment affect personality, attitudes and habits, so it makes sense that environments shape a person’s relationship to drugs and alcohol. Research shows that developing an addiction is about 50% genetic and 50% environmental. What role does your environment […]

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Importance of Addiction Treatment During the COVID-19 Pandemic

addiction treatment during covid-19

The novel coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has transformed everyday life, including experiences with health. Social precautions and uncertainty about the future can make health conditions such as Alcohol Addiction more difficult to deal with. If you feel scared or confused about managing your Alcohol Addiction during these times, a Recovery center such as 7 […]

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How to Practice Self-Regulation

how to practice self-regulation

In terms of emotional wellness, self-regulation is the process of controlling your thoughts, emotions and behaviors. When you self-regulate, you pause and think before taking an action related to an emotion or feeling. Everyone has self-regulation to some degree, and improving this skill can help you improve your emotional well-being. What Is Self-Regulation? Self-regulation has […]

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What Is Learned Optimism?

What Is Learned Optimism

Learned optimism is the process of recognizing and challenging pessimistic thoughts in order to develop more positive behaviors. This concept in psychology aims to help people find new ways to manage tough situations and improve their overall well-being. The term “learned optimism” comes from positive psychology, a branch of psychology founded by Dr. Martin Seligman. […]

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Five Ways to Do a Digital Detox

5 ways to do a digital detox

In addiction treatment, we consider detoxification a critical part of Recovery for many patients. People in Recovery can also benefit from a different kind of detoxification — a digital detox. By reducing your technology use, you can find new ways to improve your physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. What Is a Digital Detox? During digital […]

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