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Path to Healing from Addiction

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Healing from a substance use disorder is unique to every person and impacts all aspects of life. The 7 Summit Pathways philosophy is based on the seven dimensions of wellness, which promote healing every person as a whole.

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What Are the Seven Dimensions of Wellness?

The seven dimensions of wellness help promote fulfilling, well-rounded lifestyles. By tailoring our treatment programs to focus on the seven dimensions of each person we help, we build more effective treatment plans based on the 7 Summit Pathways philosophy.

Physical Wellness

Maintaining a healthy quality of life allows people to get through daily activities without fatigue or physical stress. Physical wellness includes the ability to recognize that behaviors have a significant impact on physical wellness and the importance of adopting healthful habits like:

  • Attending routine check-ups
  • Eating a balanced diet
  • Exercising
  • Avoiding substances
  • Intellectual wellness

When people expand their minds to new ideas and experiences that can be applied to personal decisions, group interaction, and community betterment, they become more intellectually healthy. Learning new concepts, improving skills, and seeking challenges contribute to intellectual wellness.

Emotional Wellness

The ability to understand the concept of self and cope with the challenges of life can bring enhanced emotional wellness. Acknowledging and sharing feelings contributes to emotional wellness and promotes long-term recovery. A healthy range of feelings includes:

  • Anger
  • Fear
  • Sadness
  • Stress
  • Hope
  • Love
  • Joy
  • Happiness

Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual wellness is aided by establishing peace and harmony in life. The ability to develop congruency between values, actions, and a common purpose helps build communities and contributes to spiritual wellness.

Social Wellness

Relating to and connecting with other people in the world promotes social wellness. Establishing and maintaining positive relationships with family, friends, and co-workers contributes to better social wellness.

Environmental Wellness

Recognizing the responsibility for the quality of the air, water, and land around the world is essential. The ability to make a positive impact on the quality of the environment—including homes, communities, and the planet—contributes to environmental wellness.

Occupational Wellness

When someone receives personal fulfillment from a job or chosen career field while still maintaining a healthy balance in life, they promote their occupational wellness. The desire to contribute to individual careers to make a positive impact on the organizations people work in and on society as a whole helps enrich life.

We Help Our Patients Heal

When you visit our center, you commit to improving your life through meaningful, effective addiction treatment. The 7 Summit Pathways philosophy is evident across all of our services, including:

  • Outpatient detoxification – Promotes physical wellness by helping individuals rid their bodies of harmful substances in a safe and comfortable environment.
  • Alcohol addiction rehab – Improves emotional wellness by teaching individuals how to cope with life’s challenges without alcohol.
  • Dual diagnosis treatment – Expands intellectual wellness by providing patients with the tools they need to understand and manage their mental health disorders.
  • Professionals program – Encourages occupational wellness by helping patients develop the skills they need to get back on track and succeed in their chosen career fields.

No matter what kind of help you need, we build deep, meaningful bonds with you to help you heal. All of our programs keep you at the center of your care so you can build a meaningful, rewarding future.

Find Your Path Today

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