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How to Ground Yourself During a Panic Attack

"How to Ground Yourself During a Panic Attack" Graphic

How to Ground Yourself During a Panic Attack Have you been dealing with panic attacks lately? You may be looking for effective ways to ground yourself and calm your anxiety...

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Social Distancing and Mental Health

"social distancing & mental health" Graphic

How are mental health and COVID-19 related? During social distancing, the lack of human interaction can affect our mental health and potentially cause symptoms of depression or anxiety. Social distancing can...

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What is Dual Diagnosis?

what is dual diagnosis

Dual diagnosis is a combination of treatable illnesses that can affect anyone. It’s also common, with some studies showing that more than half of individuals with depression or bipolar disorder...

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A Message from our Medical Director

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Current medical science clearly has demonstrated the multi-faceted components of an Addiction Disorder: the biological, psychological (behavioral), and social disturbances that contribute to its initiation and to its progression through...

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Treatment for the Heroin Crisis

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Treatment for the Heroin Crisis Understanding the Modern Heroin Epidemic Heroin has long been considered one of the deadliest and most damaging illegal drugs. Despite this awareness, recent years have...

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