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Fun Sober Things to Do With Friends

fun sober things to do with friends

Walking out of a life of addiction is an incredible achievement, and you should be more than proud of yourself. Now that you are new to sober living, things may feel a bit odd for a while. Some of the activities you enjoyed when you struggled with addiction can be potential relapse triggers. That’s why […]

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How to Stay Sober After Rehab

how to stay sober after rehab

While going through a rehabilitation program, you live in a fully supportive environment. At treatment centers like 7 Summit Pathways, our goal is to create physical barriers that separate you from the triggers which led to your Substance Use Disorder. Removing these temptations makes it easier to remain sober. However, once you’re ready to move […]

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Steps to Recovery

steps to recovery

When you’re in Recovery, you learn helpful techniques and grow your self-confidence. Having clear addiction Recovery steps will help give you the closure you need and help you see the light at the end of the tunnel. At 7 Summit Pathways, we’ll use steps to Recovery to help you accomplish your goals and live a […]

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Five Best Recovery Blogs

best recovery blogs

Recovery is a journey, and it can be encouraging to know that someone else has faced the same challenges and enjoyed similar triumphs. Support groups, online encouragement and Recovery blogs can all help you work through your feelings. While every experience is different, Recovery blogs open a window into the blogger’s journey, which can help […]

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The Benefits of Being Outside

benefits of being outside

Have you ever had a stressful day, walked outside and felt all your tension disappear? There’s something about natural surroundings that have the ability to calm us. Going outdoors can give you energy and raise your happiness levels. For those in Recovery, outdoor time is especially important. Many physicians believe that staying inside too long […]

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