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Is Addiction Genetic?

is addiction genetic

Yes — addiction has a genetic component. In fact, at least half of the factors that make people prone to addiction appear to be linked to genetics. Yet addiction is a complex disorder, which makes the truth more complicated. The exact circumstances that lead to developing a Substance Addiction vary from person to person. Besides genetics, social […]

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What Is a High-Functioning Alcoholic?

what is a high-functioning alcoholic

Alcohol is an accepted part of our culture. From wine clubs to craft breweries to brunch with mimosas, everywhere you turn, there are tons of opportunities to drink without anyone blinking an eye or raising an eyebrow. Maybe that’s why it’s so easy for some alcoholics to hide in plain sight. High-functioning alcoholics are those […]

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What Is an Addictive Personality?

what is an addictive personality

Addiction is far more common than we may think. Those with an addictive personality can start with inclinations for seemingly innocent things. From binge-watching TV to obsessive collecting to hours spent on social media, the issue doesn’t always start with drugs or alcohol. An addictive personality is when someone has a difficult time controlling their desire […]

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Dangers of Withdrawing on Your Own

dangers of withdrawing on your own

When you suffer from addiction, the first step in overcoming your dependency is detoxification. This is when you stop consuming the drug or alcohol you are addicted to. However, because your body has become so used to this substance, when you halt your usage, you experience withdrawal symptoms. You may feel tempted to quit drugs […]

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Effects of Alcohol

effects of alcohol

Alcohol is an accepted part of modern culture and everyday life. It’s a tool for social connection, a facilitator for weekend partying and even a part of the culinary world. Millions of people consume alcohol on a regular basis, but most people don’t understand the adverse effects it can have on the human body. Approximately 16 […]

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