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Mindfulness Meditation for Recovery

Mindfulness Meditation is growing in popularity and there is probably no better use for it than for those beginning their journey of recovery.  The results are astonishing. After just a week or so of day-to-day practice, patients begin experiencing calmer thinking, less attachment to emotional ups and downs, less power behind cravings, gratitude, and an increased ability to relax and stay calm when needed.  Mindfulness Meditation accompanied with a Recovery program is a powerful accelerator of the Recovery process.

Meditation has been found to lower the levels of the stress hormone Cortisol, increase interleukin levels which enhances the immune system, and streamlines the body’s ability to cleanse itself of chemical toxins. Less toxins means cleaner neurotransmitter receptors meaning less mood swings.

Research on Mindfulness Meditation indicates that qualities we once thought immutable that form temperament and character can actually be altered significantly. The more one practices mindfulness meditation, the thicker the brain becomes in the mid-prefrontal cortex and in the mid-insular region of the brain. Changing your thought processes actually causes changes in the brain. By retraining the mind through a consistent mindfulness practice, we create new neural networks. We rewire the brain. And when the brain changes, all else changes accordingly.

People who’ve practiced meditation for years are adept at quickly achieving a state of concentration and mindful awareness, newcomers who engage in Mindfulness Meditation as little as four hours a week can achieve and sustain a state of mindfulness that leads to a less judgmental deeper self-awareness, as well as better concentration and some good beginnings in emotional stability.

At 7 Summit Pathways, our Mindful Meditation coach practices with our patients three to four times per week.