Social Distancing and Mental Health

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How are mental health and COVID-19 related? During social distancing, the lack of human interaction can affect our mental health and potentially cause symptoms of depression or anxiety. Social distancing can...

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6 Ways Your Environment Impacts Your Recovery

6 Ways Your Environment Impacts Your Recovery Environmental influence is something most people understand on a fundamental level. A host of variables in a person’s environment affect personality, attitudes and...

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Importance of Addiction Treatment During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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The novel coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has transformed everyday life, including experiences with health. Social precautions and uncertainty about the future can make health conditions such as Alcohol Addiction...

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How to Practice Self-Regulation

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In terms of emotional wellness, self-regulation is the process of controlling your thoughts, emotions and behaviors. When you self-regulate, you pause and think before taking an action related to an...

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What Is Learned Optimism?

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What Is Learned Optimism? Learned optimism is the process of recognizing and challenging pessimistic thoughts in order to develop more positive behaviors. This concept in psychology aims to help people...

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