How to Practice Self-Regulation

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In terms of emotional wellness, self-regulation is the process of controlling your thoughts, emotions and behaviors. When you self-regulate, you pause and think before taking an action related to an...

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What Is Learned Optimism?

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Learned optimism is the process of recognizing and challenging pessimistic thoughts in order to develop more positive behaviors. This concept in psychology aims to help people find new ways to...

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Five Ways to Do a Digital Detox

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In addiction treatment, we consider detoxification a critical part of Recovery for many patients. People in Recovery can also benefit from a different kind of detoxification — a digital detox....

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Healthy Coping Skills for Difficult Situations and Emotions

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During tough situations, everyone uses coping skills to manage the related emotions. Like many behaviors, coping skills can be healthy or unhealthy. While healthy coping mechanisms can help you solve...

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What Is a Sober Bar?

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When adjusting to life in Recovery from Alcohol Addiction, you may have a hard time finding new social activities. Fortunately, a decrease in drinking across the United States has encouraged...

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