How to Stay Sober After Rehab

how to stay sober after rehab

While going through a rehabilitation program, you live in a fully supportive environment. At treatment centers like 7 Summit Pathways, our goal is to create physical barriers that separate you from the triggers which led to your Substance Use Disorder. Removing these temptations makes it easier to remain sober. However, once you’re ready to move […]

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Steps to Recovery

steps to recovery

When you’re in Recovery, you learn helpful techniques and grow your self-confidence. Having clear addiction Recovery steps will help give you the closure you need and help you see the light at the end of the tunnel. At 7 Summit Pathways, we’ll use steps to Recovery to help you accomplish your goals and live a […]

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Five Best Recovery Blogs

best recovery blogs

Recovery is a journey, and it can be encouraging to know that someone else has faced the same challenges and enjoyed similar triumphs. Support groups, online encouragement and Recovery blogs can all help you work through your feelings. While every experience is different, Recovery blogs open a window into the blogger’s journey, which can help […]

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How to Be Motivated

how to be motivated

There are a lot of things in life you can’t control, like the weather or your height. But you have complete control over your motivation. Motivation carries you to your goals. It can also move you away from bad habits and help you establish healthy ones. In Recovery, you can motivate yourself to do new […]

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How to Forgive Yourself

how to forgive yourself

When someone else has wronged you, is your first instinct forgiveness? Most of us know that another person’s mistake is not intentional. It’s usually the result of haste, self-preservation or despair. We can forgive others by letting go of feelings of anger or resentment and recognizing their good qualities. Forgiving ourselves isn’t always so easy. […]

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