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What Is Outpatient Treatment?

a doctor comforts a patient after they ask what is outpatient treatment

Treating substance use disorder takes considerable effort and a combination of various treatment programs that can range from 24/7 care to outpatient treatment programs. What is outpatient treatment? It is a type of addiction recovery program that provides therapy on a part-time basis while patients live at home or in a sober living community. It greatly reduces the risk of relapse after completing a inpatient treatment program and eases the transition out of recovery.

At 7 Summit Pathways, we work with individuals and their families who are impacted by addiction and need help making positive changes in their lives. When you first arrive at our small center, we will run a full assessment of your physical and mental health to create a tailored recovery experience. You will participate in group and private therapy sessions led by a certified behavioral therapist who will teach you new coping skills that promote life-long sobriety. To learn more about our outpatient treatment program in Tampa, FL, call 813.212.7149 today to schedule a tour and meet our friendly team.

What Is an Outpatient Program?

If you are searching for outpatient treatment near me, it is a sign that you, or a friend or loved one, are in need of an addiction treatment program. For severe cases of addiction where the person is unable to control their cravings, they will begin recovery in an inpatient treatment program with 24/7 care. This type of program is not right for every person. Those who want help breaking their addiction and are able to abstain from drugs or alcohol with minimal supervision can begin recovery through outpatient treatment.

An outpatient treatment program is a more flexible form of treatment, with sessions lasting from 10-20 hours per week, depending on the type of outpatient program. These programs are best for individuals whose symptoms are not as severe and who recognize they need help before their symptoms worsen and become uncontrollable.

If you are searching for outpatient treatment near me, consider 7 Summit Pathways to begin your addiction recovery. Each patient receives individualized care from skilled therapists and technicians whose mission is to support their recovery goals, no matter how long it takes.

Pairing Outpatient Treatment with Sober Living

Addiction recovery is often best started in a stable and supportive environment, such as a sober living community. Sober living homes are safe, drug-free living spaces where individuals in recovery can live and continue their journey toward long-term sobriety. These homes provide a sense of structure and support while allowing for more freedom than a inpatient treatment program.

Combining outpatient treatment with sober living provides the perfect balance between accountability and independence. It allows individuals to continue their daily responsibilities while receiving treatment during the day. This approach can be especially beneficial for those who have completed a inpatient treatment program and are transitioning back into society.

Enrolling in an Outpatient Treatment Program

There are several types of outpatient treatments available that can aid in addiction recovery:

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

This program is for individuals who have completed an inpatient or inpatient treatment program and are ready to transition back into their daily lives. This can be a very difficult time with a high risk of relapse for those who don’t continue therapy. PHP continues the same behavioral therapies with medical support with a step-down in the number of hours spent at the facility.

Patients will continue therapy for four to eight hours per day, three to five days per week while living at home or in sober living. For those without a sober or stable living environment, many facilities offer sober living homes until they have a stable place to move into. This program typically only lasts for up to three weeks.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

This program is for individuals who can abstain from drugs or alcohol with minimal supervision and need help breaking the addiction before it gets worse. It is also the next stage in recovery for those who completed inpatient and PHP treatment programs. Patients continue with therapy for two to three hours per day, two to five times per week for up to three months.

Aftercare Programs

After completing outpatient treatment, patients can continue working with a therapist and their peers through aftercare programs. These programs provide continual support for people for as long as necessary to maintain their sobriety long into the future.

Many individuals benefit from undergoing multiple levels of care as they progress through their recovery journey. This continuum of care allows individuals to receive the necessary treatment at each stage, providing a higher chance of long-term success.

Join the 7 Summit Pathways Outpatient Treatment Program in Tampa, FL

What is outpatient treatment’s role in your recovery journey? At 7 Summit Pathways, we will discuss the types of treatment programs that you will participate in during the admissions process. We will answer all of your questions and go over each stage of recovery, from detox to aftercare programs and everything in between. The treatment programs we offer to support your recovery include:

  • Outpatient detox
  • Partial hospitalization program
  • Intensive outpatient program
  • 12-step recovery programs
  • Nutrition education
  • Transitional living programs

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, call 813.212.7149 or fill out our online form today, and one of our team members will get back to you promptly. Outpatient addiction treatment is just a phone call away, and we are here to help you take the first step toward a lifetime of sobriety.