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Men’s Rehab Program

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group learning about a men's rehab programMen’s rehab is a type of addiction treatment program for men who need or prefer a gender-specific program to beat their addiction and successfully recover. It removes any of the typical distractions of a mixed-gender recovery program that occur from male and female relationships.  A men’s rehab program can be a more effective recovery option for men whose addiction is triggered by women and increases their willingness to continue therapy. 

7 Summit Pathways is a fully accredited addiction treatment center that welcomes men who are struggling with an addiction to alcohol, methamphetamines, heroin, or other addictive substances. When you first arrive at our discreet center, we will run a full assessment to determine the best treatment options and medications to treat all aspects of your addiction. You will work with a male therapist in group and private therapy sessions while bonding with your male peers. Discover how our treatment programs in Tampa, FL, can benefit your recovery by calling 813.212.7149 today to schedule a tour and meet our dedicated team.  

What Is Men’s Rehab? 

A men’s rehab program can help men who struggle with addiction that is triggered by personal or work relationships with women. Today’s society is rapidly evolving, and women are taking on more work and personal responsibilities that can cause conflict with some men. 

Other common issues that are specific to men and can lead to a substance use disorder include: 

  • Societal pressure on how men are supposed to act 
  • Unresolved childhood traumas 
  • Poor relationships with their parents 
  • PTSD caused by military experience 
  • Gender or sexual confusion 
  • Depression, social anxiety, or other mental health conditions 

Men are less likely to attend therapy due to the male stereotype of being strong and never talking about your feelings. Men’s rehab helps men realize that talking about their problems is okay and very beneficial. Therapists use behavioral and holistic therapies to teach men healthy coping skills and develop a more appropriate relationship with women and themselves.  

At 7 Summit Pathways, we offer men’s rehab in Tampa for men from all walks of life who are ready to accept help from an accredited addiction treatment program. You will participate in group and private therapy sessions with a male therapist in a supportive and encouraging environment.   

How Can Men’s Rehab Support Your Addiction Recovery? 

Men’s rehab utilizes a number of behavioral and holistic therapies, along with medical support, to ease withdrawals and cravings. After enrolling in a treatment program, here is what you can expect during a men’s rehab program: 

  • Behavioral therapies – To effectively treat addiction and its wide-ranging symptoms, it requires behavioral therapy to develop healthy coping skills and stop letting their thoughts and emotions dictate their behaviors.  
  • Holistic therapies – To promote long-lasting recovery, men need a number of healthy life skills to succeed in maintaining their sobriety. Holistic therapies such as creative writing, journaling, meditation, yoga, nutrition education, and animal-assisted therapy have an excellent track record for creating a healthy lifestyle. These skills will go a long way toward supporting a lifetime free from drugs and alcohol. 
  • Family counseling – Building healthy relationships is essential for men to reach their recovery goals. Therapists will work with spouses and other family members to resolve any lingering frustrations or anger caused by the addiction so they can move forward. They will also show them how they can create a stable home environment and be a part of their recovery efforts.  

  Men who have participated in a mixed-gender therapy program and relapsed are great candidates for men’s rehab. It focuses on the issues that matter most to men while eliminating any distractions that can arise from a female presence. 

7 Summit Pathways: Your Top Choice for Treatment Programs in Tampa, FL 

What is men’s rehab, and how can it aid in your recovery? 7 Summit Pathways provides men’s rehab in Tampa at our private and comfortable treatment center. This program gives men a female-free recovery experience where they will work with a male therapist and their peers to beat their addiction. Treatment programs are based on each patient’s unique symptoms and will include a mix of therapies and medicinal support.  

If you are struggling with addiction and want a gender-specific recovery experience, call 813.212.7149 today for more information about our men’s rehab and how it can benefit your recovery.