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What Does Serenity Mean

What Does Serenity Mean

Almost everyone has heard the Serenity Prayer or a variation of it, but what does serenity truly mean? While the meaning can vary from person to person, the practice of serenity can make a big difference in your recovery. Serenity can help you find inner peace, enjoy a less chaotic lifestyle and throw away the addictions that hindered you in the past. Your life is beautiful, and through serenity and Recovery, you can reclaim control over a hopeless situation.

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Serenity Definition

The definition of serenity is a state of being calm, peaceful and untroubled. Achieving this positive state of mind means you won’t feel as troubled by life’s ups and downs. While addiction often brings chaos, a loss of control and emotional turmoil, serenity will help you stay calm and true to yourself.

Others look at serenity as a sense of coming home to your true self and purpose. It’s not a luxurious, peaceful state. Instead, it’s an essential part of your body, mind and soul. Experiencing a state of serenity can help you avoid chronic stress and also tell you more about the activities that make you happy. It’s not just for monks, nuns and hermits hiding away in the mountains. Serenity can help you in Recovery and make a difference in how you view the challenges in your life.

Tips for Finding Serenity

We all need help recognizing how to find serenity in our daily lives. Try using the following tips to find a beautiful inner peace every day:

  • Give thanks: Start and end your day by giving thanks for all you have, whether it’s food, shelter, clothing or something else.
  • Practice acceptance: Life will always throw you curveballs, and it can get you down if you don’t practice acceptance.
  • Be kind: Acting unkindly toward others does not benefit you. Instead, be kind, and most others will in turn be kind to you.
  • Get enough sleep: Getting the right amount of sleep each night will help you wake up with a clear and relaxed mind.
  • Keep your environment clean: It’s hard to relax in a messy space, so keep your space clean and fill it with things that bring you joy.
  • Calm your wandering mind: Our minds easily drift away to unsettling thoughts when we let them. Instead, bring them back to what you love.
  • Use serenity quotes: Hang serenity quotes on your fridge, around your home and in your car to remind yourself of your goals.

Benefits of Serenity in Recovery

There’s a reason many Recovery programs include the Serenity Prayer. Addiction is the opposite of serenity — it’s all about chaos, a war in your head and a life dictated by things that can destroy you. Serenity in Recovery is what you should strive for so that you can achieve a sense of calm and peace. It can give you a sense of contentment without using a substance that can hurt you.

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