Addiction Aftercare in Tampa

Addiction Aftercare is one of the most important treatment services we offer at 7 Summit Pathways Treatment and Recovery Center. Completing a drug or alcohol rehabilitation program is a major accomplishment. But after you are discharged from treatment, entering ‘normal’ life can be an intimidating, frightening time. You don’t know for sure if a certain trigger will lead to a relapse once you return to the “real world.”

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Our Addiction Aftercare Program will be there to help make your transition as smooth and successful as possible. You will always be welcomed back and receive the care you need to maintain sobriety.

...the Staff of 7 Summit Pathways are very experienced and involved in every single person that walks in the door. It makes a difference when you have a full panel of staff with passion to help others and that knows exactly what we’ve been through.

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What to Expect From Our Addiction Aftercare Program
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Aftercare, which is also often referred to as “continuing care,” is a crucial part of the treatment process that takes place once you have completed your individual treatment program. It’s typically a time where patients don’t need the heightened level of attention provided during PHP or IOP treatment. As long as you have access to a strong, supportive aftercare Recovery program, your chances of being able to function successfully will increase.

In our Addiction Aftercare Program, you’ll work with your therapist and treatment team to determine the best plan that will help ensure your long-term sobriety. We customize our program to fit our patients’ exact needs and refine them as necessary. You’ll have access to resources and contacts that will help continue your road to Recovery, because our commitment to you will not end once you step down from our programs.

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Why Drug Rehabilitation Aftercare Is So Important

While making it through a Drug or Alcohol Rehabilitation Program is an incredibly significant achievement, there will be far more work to be done once you leave that program. Whether you’re addicted to only one substance or multiple substances really doesn’t matter — everyone goes through a transitional period between leaving a program and getting back to a regular lifestyle.

Relapse is a characteristic symptom of addiction. If you have a co-occurring disorder like Depression, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, or Anxiety, the chance of regressing to substance abuse to handle your symptoms is even more powerful. The focus of Aftercare is to prevent relapse into drug or alcohol use. We provide continuing counseling, group sessions and access to our therapists, clinicians and physicians once your treatment program has been completed. Recovery is an ongoing process that will last for the rest of your life, so you can’t fall into the trap of thinking you have “made it” just because you reached a certain benchmark of sobriety. Whether it’s a month, a year, five years, 10 years or more, you can’t assume that you’ve been cured.

By participating in an effective Aftercare Program, you’ll learn ways of coping with life’s challenges in a way that will help keep a relapse from occurring. You’ll also learn how to better manage your stress, anxiety and anger so that you will be less likely to use again.

At 7 Summit Pathways Treatment and Recovery Center, we firmly believe that an Addiction Aftercare Program is a crucial component to living a healthy, sober life. You’ll not only keep a firm grasp of everything you learned while in our Treatment Programs, but you will also learn new ways of dealing with the temptations you will encounter.

If you’re looking for information regarding Addiction Aftercare in Tampa, please give us a call at 813-630-4673 or contact us online for a free consultation. We ARE what works.

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