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Signs of Alcoholism

Most adults who drink moderately don’t worry about Alcohol Addiction symptoms. Alcoholism doesn’t occur overnight though, and what seems like moderate drinking can turn dangerous over time. Learning the symptoms and stages of Alcoholism can make it easier to intervene and help your loved one, or even recognize signs of Alcoholism in yourself.

7 Summit Pathways is a treatment center that will offer support throughout your entire journey of Recovery. Our individualized treatment plans are designed to recognize Alcohol Addiction symptoms and give you the tools you need to find long-term success.

Alcohol Addiction Symptoms

Alcoholism is a slippery slope that can spiral out of control if it’s left untreated. Recognizing the signs of Alcoholism and getting someone the right treatment can save a life and make a significant difference in someone’s recovery process.

Keep in mind that Alcohol Addiction symptoms are fluid and can occur together or separately. One symptom may snowball into more depending on how long the person has been abusing alcohol. Some of the common symptoms include:

  • Temporary blackouts or short-term memory loss
  • Extreme mood swings and irritability
  • Making excuses for drinking
  • Drinking alone
  • Drinking in secret
  • Experiencing relationship issues
  • Sudden changes in friends or activities
  • Feeling hungover even when not drinking
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms

Four Stages of Alcoholism

There are four stages of Alcoholism that can impact how someone goes about detoxification and treatment. Learning to recognize what stage your loved one is in will also help you watch for symptoms and intervene if their signs of Alcoholism become more apparent. The four stages are:

  1. Stage 1: During this stage, you may not see many signs of Alcoholism. Although the behavior seems typical, social drinking can quickly turn into drinking more often and using alcohol to reduce stress. A person in this stage starts to develop a high tolerance for alcohol as well.
  2. Stage 2: A person in the early Alcoholic stage has already suffered from their first alcohol-related blackout. During this stage, they will start to feel uncomfortable about their drinking but won’t know how to resist it. They may also lie to their friends or family about their habits and try to hide drinking.
  3. Stage 3: During this stage, friends and family members will begin to notice Alcohol Addiction symptoms. A person may start to drink at inappropriate times, and their social life will become affected by drinking or hangovers. Their physical body can change as well, such as through weight gain or loss.
  4. Stage 4: Finally, the late Alcoholic stage includes apparent symptoms of Alcohol Addiction as well as serious health problems. Everything in their life comes second to drinking at this point.

Addiction Treatment Tampa

At 7 Summit Pathways in Tampa, we are what works. We understand that your Alcohol Addiction symptoms can make you feel hopeless and completely isolated. Our experienced staff will help you safely go through detoxification and give you a new lease on life. Contact us today to learn more or schedule an appointment.