Intensive Outpatient Program

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) Tampa

The Intensive Outpatient Program at 7 Summit Pathways Treatment and Recovery Center in Tampa, Florida, provides our patients with the structure and support they need in order to live a healthy, sober life. This can be a challenging and even scary time for many patients, but we show the same commitment regarding our IOP program that we do when patients receive treatment inside our facility.

Intensive Outpatient Program Schedule Options

We understand that career and family obligations can vary, so we offer two IOP program schedule options:

Morning IOP Program

  • 5 days a week – Monday through Friday
  • 9 am-12 pm

Evening IOP Program

  • 3 evenings a week – Monday, Wednesday & Thursdays
  • 6 pm-9 pm
For schedule flexibility purposes, we also offer an option on Saturday 10 am-1 pm to replace any of the above days. 

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What is Outpatient Rehabilitation
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Typically, an Intensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Program is designed for people who have already finished a Residential Program. There are, however, some cases where a patient can immediately go into an IOP rehab program. We will have a thorough, detailed conversation with you so that you make the best possible choice.

Just like our Residential Programs, our IOP program is based on The 7 Dimensions of Wellness. These include:

  1. Physical Wellness
  2. Emotional Wellness
  3. Social Wellness
  4. Spiritual Wellness
  5. Environmental Wellness
  6. Occupational Wellness
  7. Intellectual Wellness

…the Staff of 7 Summit Pathways are very experienced and involved in every single person that walks in the door. It makes a difference when you have a full panel of staff with passion to help others and that knows exactly what we’ve been through.

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Is an Intensive Outpatient Treatment for Substance Abuse Right for You?

We know that it’s not enough for a patient to simply stop using a drug. You have probably gone through the detoxification process, as well as behavioral therapy, but these are typically not sufficient on their own to bring about a true Recovery. The most effective way to completely heal is a balanced, comprehensive approach.

You’ll find exactly that in our Intensive Outpatient Program for substance abuse. We will help you identify the causes of your Substance Use Disorder and work with you to help you “open up” about your problem. Many people find that being able to talk about their Substance Use Disorder is extremely therapeutic, both to their individual counselors as well as other members of their group sessions.

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How our Intensive Outpatient Rehab Program for Substance Abuse Works

IOP programs are fairly similar for those who have developed a Substance Use Disorder. In most instances, patients attend classes multiple times per week, with each class lasting about three hours. These groups will usually meet from four to six weeks, but meeting times are designed to be flexible enough to accommodate work, school and family schedules.

Here are just a few of the components of the typical Intensive Outpatient Program.

  • Family Sessions — Since Substance Use Disorders not only affect the addict, but also his or her entire family, we provide family sessions to help educate your loved ones on what you’re going through.
  • Group Sessions — Group counseling helps you build trust in your peers, as well as compassion. It shows you that you’re not alone, and that there are others going through the same thing.
  • Relapse Prevention — We help provide you with the tools you’ll need to identify the signs of a potential relapse. We’ll also show you the coping skills needed to help keep a relapse from occurring.

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We know how incredibly difficult Substance Use Disorders can be, and we also know how to provide our patients with the treatment that can help them return to a healthy, happy life. If you would like to learn more about how you can benefit from an Intensive Outpatient Program in Tampa, contact 7 Summit Pathways Treatment and Recovery Center online or give us a call at 813-630-4673. The journey to the summit begins with the first step.

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