What to Expect

You will be warmly welcomed with support and encouragement. Expect to be challenged but also expect to be happy again. This is a journey of growth and we are here to be with you on the path to recovery.

Admission and intake processes can usually take place the same day. We try to schedule your admission in the morning, early in the week, to best support you at this vital, vulnerable time. You have made an important decision, we’re here to help you succeed.

When you arrive at 7 Summit Pathways Treatment and Recovery Center at 1910 Orient Road, Tampa Florida 33619, you and your family are welcomed by our staff. At this point we begin some initial paperwork and the client meets with a clinician or doctor for assessment and custom treatment plan. Family members may meet with other staff member(s) for orientation.

When the paperwork is complete, your vitals are taken by medical staff member. This is to establish the starting point on your path to health and wellness but is also part of your assessment. The initial lab work is gathered and the client is seen by the doctor, prescriptions and additional lab work is processed.

Sober Living

new living room design

Orientation and Personal Property procedures take place to further integrate you into your custom treatment program. Personal property is checked for admissibility with the client present. Any items not allowed in the treatment environment are separated out and given to family or stored.

New clients are teamed up with a buddy – usually of the same gender. Buddies are senior clients and they look forward to the opportunity to help. It is difficult being a new person in a different place and your Buddy provides companionship and support in between treatments, sessions and activities.

We ensure all new clients that enter our sober living have all of the essentials needed and we facilitate a grocery purchase on day of arrival. We then allot $75 weekly for groceries and help all new clients establish escrow accounts for additional needs and wants while in our care.

What to Bring to Treatment

You are provided with a blanket, sheets and a pillow. Of course, you are free to bring your own if you want. Bathroom facilities are shared and you will have a personal container for your toiletries. There is access to laundry facilities, including laundry detergent. Toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies, etc. are also provided but if you have a specific preference, you should be prepared to bring it or purchase for yourself.

Suggested Items to Bring with You

  • Clothing appropriate to the treatment environment – casual, tasteful. Jeans, pants, walking shorts, sport shirts, t shirts, modest length skirts/dresses. Clothing should not display alcohol, drugs, sex, violence, gambling, etc. If you are not sure, leave the item home. Inappropriate clothing examples include spaghetti strap and/or bare midriff tops and low cut necklines. Also inappropriate are spandex, leggings or provocative/suggestive/sheer attire or anything that exposes undergarments or private body areas. Undergarments are required for everyone, no exceptions. Swimwear is for swimming and should be modest and provide full coverage. Athletic shoes or comfortable, flat-soled shoes are recommended.
  • Light jacket or sweater
  • Personal toiletries, grooming items (electric shaver, blow dryer, flat iron, etc.)
  • Bath towels (we provide the basics, you may want your own)
  • Personal comfort pillow/blanket if desired
  • Alarm clock/CD Radio with alarm
  • Prescription medications (as approved by our doctor)
  • Insurance information, Insurance card, Prescription card

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