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Path to Healing from Addiction

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Are you struggling with addiction? You’re not alone. 7 Summit Pathways is a unique addiction treatment center in Tampa, Florida that uses evidence-based and holistic programs to help each patient heal physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Our rehab center only accepts a limited number of patients at a time, so we can build meaningful connections with each one as they heal.

We know you’re tired of feeling lost and alone in your struggle with addiction. That’s why we offer compassionate care and guidance through every step of the healing process. You deserve to feel happy and healthy again, and we’re here to help you get there. Call 813.212.7149 to learn more about 7 Summit Pathways or to get started today.

7 Summit Pathways Is an Intimate Place to Heal from Addiction

We only accept a limited number of patients at a time so we can build deep, meaningful connections with the patients we help. Taking the time to know our patients as individuals allows us to create custom care plans that address each person’s specific needs.

When we build bonds with our patients, we consider every aspect, including:

  • Mind – We use talk therapy, neurofeedback, and other methods to help patients understand and manage their thoughts, emotions, and gratitude.
  • Body – We focus on whole-person care, incorporating exercise and other holistic methods to help patients heal physically, mentally, and emotionally.
  • Spirit – We believe that everyone has a spiritual side, and we help patients connect with their spirituality through holistic therapy like meditation to find strength and peace.

Our intimate setting allows us to get to know each patient so we can provide the best possible care.

Discover Meaningful Paths to Sobriety

Addiction and mental health symptoms can affect anyone at any time. By helping you focus on your goals, we can help you heal and develop the skills that will aid the transition back into your daily life. One of the unique things about 7 Summit Pathways is our ability to understand our patients and help them achieve goals that matter. Our specialty treatment programs help people from all walks of life, including:
  • Licensed professionals – We understand that addiction can affect anyone, even those who seem to have it all together. When you are held to high standards, it can seem impossible to ask for help. We offer a confidential program for licensed professionals, such as doctors and lawyers, who are struggling with addiction.
  • Athletes, musicians, and artists – Constantly being in the public eye can be stressful. Our programs for athletes, artists, and musicians help you heal from the damage caused by performance-enhancing drugs, alcohol, and other substances without sacrificing your career.
  • Executives and business professionals – The stress of running a business can lead to substance abuse. Our executive program offers flexible treatment schedules and locations to help you heal while still meeting the demands of your career.
  • Veterans and military personnel – Veterans and active-duty military personnel face unique challenges, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Many turn to substances to try and cope without seeming weak. Our programs are designed to help you heal from substance use that stems from the emotional wounds of war.
Everyone deserves the chance to heal and live a fulfilling life. Finding a treatment program that connects with your mind, body, and soul can help you find a way forward and build a healthier future.

Start Your Addiction Recovery Journey at 7 Summit Pathways in Tampa, Florida

Healing from addiction is a journey, and we want to help you every step of the way. 7 Summit Pathways is located in Tampa, Florida, where you can enjoy the sunny weather and beautiful scenery while focusing on your recovery.

During your time in our addiction treatment programs, you will learn to overcome addiction, reconnect with yourself, and begin building a healthier future with the intimate support of our team. Learn more about 7 Summit Pathways by calling 813.212.7149 or contacting us online.