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Prescription Drug Rehab

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Path to Healing from Addiction

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a group talks in a prescription drug rehabUsing prescription drugs to treat chronic pain or mental health conditions is safe to take when you follow the prescription and work with your doctor as your symptoms change. Unfortunately, there is a large percentage of the population who ignore this advice and take more than prescribed or take them with alcohol or other drugs. Prescription drug rehab is for people who begin abusing their medications and have developed a serious addiction to them.

At 7 Summit Pathways in Tampa, Florida, we work with individuals who are struggling with an addiction to opioids, like codeine and fentanyl, and other addictive medications. Our team has experience treating all types of addiction and works closely with each patient to talk about the original reasons that led to substance abuse. Treatment programs include group and private therapy sessions using behavioral and holistic therapies along with medication to minimize troubling symptoms. If you are searching online for rehab programs near me, click on the link for 7 Summit Pathways, or call 813.212.7149 today to speak with our caring team.

Understanding Prescription Drug Abuse

Prescription drug abuse is more common than most people think, especially for those who take opioids for pain management or use anti-depressants or anti-anxiety medications. While these drugs are safe to take when you follow the prescription, they come with a high risk of abuse due to the euphoric sensations and overall well-being they temporarily create.

If you are concerned that a friend or loved one is abusing their prescription medications, here are some of the common signs of prescription drug abuse:

  • Running out of their prescription before the refill date
  • Having multiple prescriptions for the same drug from different doctors
  • Using a friend or family member’s prescription to get more drugs
  • Switching to harder drugs when they can no longer refill the prescription

If a person switches to harder drugs, depending on the substance and amount taken, it can significantly increase their risk of overdose and death just after one use. At 7 Summit Pathways, we can treat prescription drug addiction and help you stop the abuse before switching to harder drugs that will only make things worse. You will participate in behavioral therapy sessions while receiving medication to ease withdrawal symptoms while still managing pain or other serious mental health conditions.

The Benefits of Enrolling in Prescription Drug Rehab

Treating prescription drug addiction is possible through a combination of behavioral therapy and medical support as part of an all-encompassing treatment program. Some of the benefits you can experience during treatment include the following:

  • Medication-assisted treatment – There are several types of medications that can minimize withdrawal symptoms and eliminate cravings while still providing pain or mental health support. Medical staff will administer medications and monitor you for any adverse reactions. They will make adjustments to the dosage during the program and as your symptoms change. If the medication is no longer necessary, they will taper you off to avoid any withdrawals.
  • Behavioral therapy – To prevent future relapses and develop healthy life skills, patients will participate in behavioral therapy sessions. Certified therapists work closely with each patient to understand their unique personal and family history to develop appropriate coping skills specific to their symptoms and triggers.
  • Family therapy – Addiction affects everyone in the family in unique ways and can harm relationships and break the trust between families. Parents, siblings, spouses, and children are encouraged to participate in therapy to resolve any lingering issues or frustrations over the abuse. They also learn how they can be a part of the recovery process by creating a stable and supportive home environment.
  • Aftercare programs – Addiction is a life-long illness that is treatable through a combination of therapies. Patients can continue working with a therapist and their peers through aftercare programs for as long as necessary to maintain their sobriety.

Finding a prescription drug rehab program is essential for men and women who are abusing their medications and need help stopping the abuse.

Find Rehab Programs near You at 7 Summit Pathways

At 7 Summit Pathways, our prescription drug rehab program is very effective in helping people quit using drugs before causing irreparable physical or mental harm. Our certified therapists work with patients in group and private therapy to resolve the issues that are fueling the addiction and teach them coping skills for stopping the abuse. The skills they learn will benefit them now and long into the future.

Stop abusing prescription medication today by calling 813.212.7149 or contacting us online to speak with our team about enrolling in our prescription drug addiction treatment facility.