How Alcohol Affects Mental Health

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America has an alcohol problem, and it’s not hard to see why. Alcohol industry spending on advertisements has grown almost 400% since 1971, making it nearly impossible to go a day without...

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Find Balance in Life and Recovery

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When breaking free from a life of addiction, your sobriety takes center stage in your life. Recovery takes all your time, energy and focus. While this is natural and necessary,...

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Types of Emotions

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Emotions are a part of life. You encounter these feelings every day, and they have a huge influence on how you live and interact with other people. Many addictions arise...

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Find Healing Through Exercise

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Whether you’re jogging outside or going to the gym after work, exercise is a tool you may find useful during your Recovery journey. Staying active is one of the key...

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Tips for Improving Focus

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Obstacles are a part of life. Whether you’re recovering from an addiction or simply striving to live your best life, you’re bound to encounter hard times and hurdles. Learning how...

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