Holistic Therapy Options

Holistic Therapy Options in Tampa, Florida

Substance Use Disorder is a disease that encompasses the entire body. In order to successfully treat this disease, 7 Summit Pathways Treatment and Recovery Center offers state-of-the-art, interdisciplinary, holistic addiction treatment that addresses the mind, body and spirit. These will often include Yoga, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Mindfulness Meditation, Guided Meditation, Acupuncture, Massage Therapies, Chiropractic treatments, and Expressive Arts. Our compassionate professionals provide individualized treatment tailored to the specific needs of each of our patients.

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What is Holistic Treatment

“Holistic” treatment refers to treating the entire body, mind and spirit rather than focusing solely on one part of the body. There are several ways that drugs and alcohol effect someone suffering from Substance Use Disorder, and those effects are not merely physical. Here are just a few of them:

  • The Mind — A person suffering from addiction deals with a daily obsession to use, and is constantly faced with triggers and temptations that can lead to major issues.
  • The Body — Drugs and alcohol not only change the chemistry of the brain, they also cause physical reactions that can often be life-threatening.
  • The Spirit — When addicts gain sobriety, they often have to face a new set of challenges that can often lead to a relapse. These include boredom, depression, fear and trouble coping with not only their responsibilities, but also their relationships.

Why a Holistic Rehab Treatment Center Can Be so Beneficial

Our holistic treatment center has a philosophy based on the 7 Dimensions of Wellness. These include:

  1. Physical Wellness
  2. Intellectual Wellness
  3. Emotional Wellness
  4. Spiritual Wellness
  5. Social Wellness
  6. Environmental Wellness
  7. Occupational Wellness

We offer evidence-based treatment, providing personalized care in a supportive, nurturing environment. Our professional staff members are committed to helping all of our patients find balance and peace of mind through effective, well-rounded therapy.

When Tampa-based patients choose us for their substance rehabilitation, we provide them with natural remedies and treatments, in addition to medications. Many of our patients participate in a wide range of relaxing, fulfilling activities while participating in both one-on-one and group therapy sessions.

We help our patients uncover the reasons why they became addicted, showing them how they used drugs in order to cope with different challenges they faced in their lives.

...the Staff of 7 Summit Pathways are very experienced and involved in every single person that walks in the door. It makes a difference when you have a full panel of staff with passion to help others and that knows exactly what we’ve been through.

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Treating the Mind, Body and Spirit

A great deal of addiction Recovery is helping a patient re-learn how to deal with challenges. Group and individual therapy sessions are effective for many people, giving them a place to practice new skills they have acquired, such as problem-solving and positive communication.

However, counseling alone is often not sufficient to help a patient recover from addiction. Our addiction treatment also addresses the spirit by helping people deal with their anxiety, depression and stress. Relaxing activities show how important it is to simply slow down and become aware of not only your outside surroundings, but also your internal feelings.

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We treat the body through several reinvigorating techniques to promote health and overall wellness. These often include Yoga, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Guided Meditation, Acupuncture, Massage Therapies, use of our Biosound Therapy Unit, Chiropractic treatments, and Expressive Arts, as well as Nutritional Education. If you have become addicted to drugs and/or alcohol, your body has undergone a great deal of stress and needs time to recuperate. The stronger you are physically, the better able you will be to improve your mental and behavioral health.

Contact 7 Summit Pathways if you would like more information regarding holistic rehabilitation treatment in Tampa. Get in touch with us online or call 813-630-4673. The journey to the Summit begins with the first step.

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