How to Improve Your Mental Fitness

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When you think of fitness, you probably picture hitting the gym, keeping your body trim and building muscle tone. Physical fitness is a vital aspect of leading a healthier lifestyle....

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The Importance of Community in Recovery

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Community. This one word evokes feelings of belonging, acceptance and approval. Addiction and community are polar opposites. Addiction can leave you feeling hopeless and isolated. Community reminds you that you...

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How to Help Someone Dealing With Addiction

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How to Help Someone Dealing With Addiction Knowing someone who has an addiction is not uncommon, but knowing the best way to help a loved one with an addiction can...

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What Is JOMO?

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For most of us, the rise of social media has led to an over-reliance on technology platforms for connection. Whether you’re browsing through Instagram or Facebook or sending a video...

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What Is Seasonal Affective Disorder?

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Seasonal affective disorder, or SAD, is a mood disorder related to changes in seasons. Most individuals with SAD experience depressive symptoms that start in the fall and continue into the...

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