What Does It Mean to Be in Recovery?

what does it mean to be in recovery

You have probably heard people talk about Recovery in relation to drug or alcohol addiction. But what is Recovery? “Recovery” can mean different things to different people. In general, it...

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Benefits of Writing Therapy

benefits of writing therapy

You may have heard people say journaling is therapeutic, but perhaps you feel intimidated by the idea of writing down your thoughts and feelings. You don’t have to be a...

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How to Set Boundaries in Recovery

how to set boundaries in recovery

Boundaries are critical to preserving your wellbeing as you navigate the Recovery process. Recovery requires focus and commitment. When you have people in your life who don’t support your goal...

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Relationships in Recovery

relationships in recovery

Many people behave differently while they are dependent on drugs or alcohol. Many times, the most important relationships with loved ones become frayed due to addiction. During Recovery, repairing and...

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How to Support Someone in Recovery

how to support someone in recovery

Getting treatment for an addiction takes courage and resolve. People who can draw on the support of those around them have an easier time dealing with the challenges of Recovery....

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