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The Benefits of Being Outside

Have you ever had a stressful day, walked outside and felt all your tension disappear? There’s something about natural surroundings that have the ability to calm us.

Going outdoors can give you energy and raise your happiness levels. For those in Recovery, outdoor time is especially important. Many physicians believe that staying inside too long can spark feelings of boredom and isolation, which can be triggers for relapse.

At 7 Summit Pathways, we incorporate outdoor activities into our treatment program. We witness the benefits of nature walks and just being outside every day. Our patients feel more centered when they spend time outdoors during their time with us.

Outside Activities You Can Enjoy at 7 Summit Pathways

Our Tampa location affords many opportunities for outdoor activities, and the gorgeous Florida weather means you can stay outside longer. Just a few of the outdoor activities we have available include:

  • Beaches: You can visit the beach to work on your tan, play in the ocean or just relax. The beautiful scenery gives you plenty of chances to reflect if you want some alone time. Long walks on the beach also provide an excellent chance for thinking.
  • Biking: Want to see more of Tampa and get some exercise as well? You can bike around town, giving you the freedom to explore and find what you’re interested in.
  • Theme parks: There are several theme parks located close to Tampa. Sometimes a distraction like going on a roller coaster is what you need to keep your mind off more difficult things.
  • Kayaking and canoeing: Getting exercise is an important part of building up your stamina after addiction. When you exercise outdoors, you also get the benefit of breathing in clean air and seeing the world around you. Canoeing and kayaking offer fantastic ways to do that.
  • Hiking: One of our favorite ways to relax and refresh is to take a hike on one of the paths located near 7 Summit Pathways. You can see things you would miss when you’re out for a regular walk, such as animals interacting in the forest or a creek winding down a hill. Take lots of pictures to remind you of the tranquility.
  • Horseback riding: This activity takes confidence and skill, two things you can develop quickly at 7 Summit Pathways. Showing yourself that you can command a large animal will give you renewed faith in your ability to navigate through Recovery.
  • Zoo and aquarium: Take a quiet afternoon to watch animals interact with each other and observe their behavior. You can even learn something about human behavior by doing some people-watching.

How We Can Help

Want to seek treatment for your addiction? Our highly individualized, patient-centered treatments are built upon The 7 Dimensions of Wellness to promote holistic care and long-term Recovery.

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