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Path to Healing from Addiction

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How Sobriety Can Change Your Life

If you question whether sobriety is worth it as you work through addiction, detoxification or sobriety, you’re not alone. It’s a question that every person struggling with addiction has thought about at one point. Getting sober is challenging, and staying sober requires a lifetime of commitment to your health.

At 7 Summit Pathways, we know you have the power to stay sober. If you need some reasons to get started and stay strong, we have just the list.

Reasons to Get Sober

Sobriety’s health benefits cover every part of your wellness, from physical to mental, emotional and social. Even though addiction feels good in the moment, it ultimately degrades all seven dimensions of wellness.

When you start maintaining sobriety:

  • You’ll look better: Alcohol and other drugs can dry out your skin, hair, teeth and nails. Once you remove them from your system, your body can repair itself, giving you a better appearance. Without the extra calories from drinking or drug-induced cravings, your body will feel stronger, and you’ll be less tempted to indulge in foods with little nutrition.
  • You’ll feel better: Addiction can affect your sleeping patterns, energy levels, productivity and memory. When substances don’t constantly bombard your brain, it can give your faculties a boost as you try new things.
  • You can start rebuilding relationships: Outside of yourself, your closest relationships are probably most affected by your addiction. This disease can make you lie and lash out at the ones that are trying to help you, and over time, it can ruin relationships. Getting your sobriety back means you can make it up to people, regain their trust and remind them of your love for them.
  • You’ll have more time and money: Without your addiction, you won’t have to spend money to fuel your habit or take time to get alcohol or drugs, use them and recover from using them. You’ll have the time, energy and funds to try new hobbies and develop new skills.
  • You’ll find new and accepting communities: Recovery centers, group therapy and addiction programs are full of people that have gone through addiction. Entering these programs allows you to connect with people that understand what you’ve gone through. You can see firsthand what life after addiction can bring and develop new relationships where you can enjoy sobriety with others.

Learn More Benefits of Sobriety With 7 Summit Pathways

The journey to the Summit begins with the first step. Our evidence-based approaches work synergistically — you get the personalized care you need in all aspects of your life, including co-occurring disorders like depression and anxiety. Our secure facilities will give you plenty of space to work through your addiction without judgment.

Get started today to begin feeling the health benefits of sobriety as soon as possible. Contact 7 Summit Pathways if you’re struggling with getting clean on your own or need more support.