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How to Help an Alcoholic Friend

Watching a friend struggle with alcohol addiction can be difficult. You want to give your friend the support and unconditional love they need to recover, but they may not be open to your helpful overtures. They may even feel resentful of your attempts to get them the help they need to recover from their addiction.

However, there are ways you can make a difference. Follow our guide to help an alcoholic friend improve their welfare and offer them a path to Recovery.

Tips to Help an Alcoholic Friend

Many people with alcohol addiction are in denial. They may think they have their drinking under control or believe it is not an issue in their daily lives. They minimize the impact that drinking has on their relationships, work and other responsibilities.

One way to help an alcoholic friend is staging an intervention. When many people think of interventions, they envision something confrontational — but that does not have to be the case. An intervention aims to show someone why they need to get into a Recovery program. You want to spotlight the depth of your friend’s problem in a way that resonates and makes them consider their actions. Keep your statements focused on positives such as potential and healing, and do not lay blame.

Another way to help your friend is to show support. Many people feel ashamed about their addiction. They worry people will distance themselves or stop coming around. Reassuring your friend that you will stick by them as they go through the challenging process of Recovery can give them the strength to move forward.

Fear can stand in the way of making a change. Reminding your friend that you will be there for them during and after Recovery can convince them that the change will not be bad. Discuss non-drinking things you can do together for fun. Explain that you will be happy to abstain when you are with them if that makes them more comfortable.

How We Can Help Your Friend

Giving your friend a suggestion for where they can seek help is much more effective than encouraging them to investigate options on their own. You want to offer them a name that has the programs and individualized support they seek. You can refer them to 7 Summit Pathways. Some unique features of our program include:

  • Focusing on the seven dimensions of wellness
  • Equipping our patients with the tools they need to navigate Recovery and continue successfully along the path of sobriety long after
  • Creating a plan tailored to each patient since everyone is different and requires individualized assistance
  • Addressing both the mental and physical needs of our patients
  • Encouraging our patients to find ways to repair relationships damaged by alcohol addiction

If you’re looking for how to help an alcoholic friend, get in touch with us today or schedule an appointment to see how we can assist you.