Recovery Support

Addiction Recovery Support in Tampa, Florida

7 Summit Pathways Recovery Support Program is designed to help each patient start connecting with Post-Treatment Recovery Services/Pathways while still in treatment, building a network with other recovering peers and finding the pathway that best fits them. This part of the program doesn’t stop at discharge though, along with our alumni services, one of our team of Certified Recovery Coaches will continue to meet with the patient for at least 2 weeks after discharge. We want to be sure they are supported with a smooth transition back home. 

What is a “Certified Recovery Coach” 

Recovery coaches support any positive change, helping persons coming home from treatment to avoid relapse, build community support for recovery, or work on life goals related to recovery networking relationships, work, or education. Recovery coaching is action-oriented with an emphasis on improving present life and reaching future goals.

What are some “Post-Treatment Recovery Services/Pathways”

– SMART Recovery

– 12-Step Programs (AA,NA, etc)

– Celebrate Recovery

– Refuge Recovery

– Medicated-Assisted Recovery (MAR/MAT)

Holistic Recovery Support; Yoga, Mindfulness Meditation, Spiritual, and other Mind, Body, Spirit practices.

We encourage all pathways of recovery and pride ourselves on our continued support of our patients. 

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Long-Term Recovery Is Closer Than It Appears

Life doesn’t have to continue down a path of suffering. We don’t just know what works. We ARE what works. Long-term Recovery is closer than you think. 7 Summit Pathways is here to help you get there and stay there.

Contact 7 Summit Pathways for Addiction Recovery Support

If you or a loved one are tired of feeling hopeless and you’re ready for lasting change, or if you’re curious and want more information about treatment, 7 Summit Pathways in Tampa is here for you. The journey to the summit begins with the first step. Take it today. Call 813-630-4673 now.