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3 Benefits of Holistic Therapy

a person getting a massage enjoys the benefits of holistic therapy

Holistic therapy creates a whole-person experience for individuals who are struggling with addiction or other mental health disorders. It focuses on patients’ physical and mental health and teaches them healthy life skills that will benefit all areas of their lives. There are many benefits of holistic therapy when combined with behavioral therapy and medical support. The combination of these programs creates a more effective addiction recovery experience with fewer risks of relapse and a greater chance of maintaining a sober life.

At 7 Summit Pathways, we help people 18 and over who are struggling with addiction and ready for a new start. When you first arrive at our boutique treatment center, we run a full assessment to develop a treatment plan based on your unique symptoms and triggers. You will participate in group and private therapy sessions using yoga, meditation, and creative self-expression, along with behavioral therapy, to develop coping skills that promote a healthy and sober lifestyle. If you are looking for holistic therapy programs near Tampa, call 813.212.7149 today to speak with one of our caring team members.

What Is Holistic Therapy?

Holistic therapy is an ancient therapeutic practice that started over 2,500 years ago. It focuses on the connection between mind, body, and spirit and works to help people understand how one aspect of their lives can affect other areas. For those with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, their addiction affects their physical and mental health as well as the general well-being of their loved ones.

There are many different types of holistic therapy that can benefit your physical and mental health:

  • Yoga, tai chi, and qi gong
  • Meditation
  • Creative writing
  • Painting
  • Music and dance therapy
  • Outdoor adventure therapy
  • Animal-assisted therapy
  • Nutrition education
  • Breathing exercises

Holistic therapy is very beneficial in the treatment of other mental health disorders, including depression, social anxiety, insomnia, and trauma-related disorders. This type of therapy is quickly gaining in popularity at treatment centers as it significantly increases a person’s chances of recovery using healthy coping skills.

At 7 Summit Pathways, we are well aware of the benefits of holistic therapy and incorporate them into our treatment programs. Just some of the holistic therapies we offer include equine-assisted therapy, yoga, meditation, and nutrition education.

3 Benefits of Holistic Therapy

There are many benefits of holistic therapy in an addiction treatment program, especially for individuals whose addiction stems from depression or other mental health issues. It teaches them how to focus on the present instead of the endless negative self-talk or other troubling thoughts that can trigger their cravings.

Here are three additional benefits of holistic therapy that you can experience during addiction recovery:

  1. A healthier state of mind – Therapies such as meditation and deep breathing exercises are ideal for teaching patients how to control their thoughts and quiet their minds. They also learn better ways to express themselves through group discussions, creative writing, and music and dance therapy.
  2. Promotes long-lasting sobriety – The life skills that holistic therapy teaches will go a long way toward promoting lifelong sobriety no matter what situations they face. It teaches them healthy ways to process their emotions without triggering any cravings.
  3. Builds confidence and self-esteem – Over time, addiction can change a person’s behaviors and make them less confident about their abilities. Expressing emotions and feelings is not a natural skill. Holistic therapy teaches patients new ways to express themselves that can reduce stress and tension and give them the confidence to handle any situation they face.

Participating in holistic therapy will improve your mental and physical health along with other areas of your life. Many patients will continue holistic therapy long after completing addiction recovery to support a healthy and sober lifestyle.

Join 7 Summit Pathways for Holistic Therapy Programs

At 7 Summit Pathways, our mission is to help all people who are struggling with addiction to cocaine, alcohol, or other addictive substances. We incorporate several holistic practices, along with behavioral therapy and medical support, for a whole-person recovery experience that builds your confidence in reaching and maintaining your recovery goals. We offer a wide range of treatment programs that include:

  • Outpatient medical detox
  • Partial hospitalization program
  • Intensive outpatient program
  • 12-step recovery programs
  • Co-occurring rehab programs
  • Transitional living programs

Today is a good day to start a new sober life. Call 813.212.7149 or fill out our online form for more information about how holistic therapy can benefit your recovery.