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Relationships in Recovery

Many people behave differently while they are dependent on drugs or alcohol. Many times, the most important relationships with loved ones become frayed due to addiction.

During Recovery, repairing and strengthening those relationships is an important part of moving into the next phase. When you receive treatment for drug or alcohol addiction, you will also want to address your friends and family, and improve the way you relate to them.

The Importance of Strong Relationships in Recovery

Relationships can help give you the strength you need to navigate Recovery. This period will be difficult. You will face mental and physical challenges. Knowing you have people pulling for you can stop your drug or alcohol habit and give you the confidence you need to continue on the journey.

You may also develop relationships with people who are also in Recovery, including dating. You have a bond built on a shared mutual experience. Others can support you through Recovery, but the only people who understand your feelings completely are those who have navigated the same path. Relationships both new and old will help you through this period.

Many people get tempted to isolate themselves during Recovery. They may feel guilty for the way they acted before seeking treatment, or their pain may make it difficult to reach out. Make an active effort to stay in touch with people during Recovery. You need fellowship and understanding to ensure a successful Recovery process.

Tips for Building and Maintaining Relationships During and After Recovery

You may need to rebuild trust with loved ones if those relationships eroded before you sought assistance. Here are three tips to keep in mind as you seek to build and maintain relationships during Recovery:

  • Don’t move too quickly to repair relationships: It took time for your bond to unravel. Acting like nothing happened or seeking forgiveness too quickly can strain the already tense relationship. Give it time and show you can be trusted. You may have to prove it over and over.
  • Put yourself in the other person’s position: What would you want from yourself? Develop empathy for others and consider their feelings as you build your new relationship. They may need greater reassurance or want space at first before you resume your previous level of intimacy.
  • Show your appreciation: Just as it is not easy for you to be in Recovery, it is not easy for someone to stand by you while you heal. Tell the people in your life you appreciate them and their dedication to your health. Show that appreciation in your actions — honor your commitments and listen to their feelings.

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