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Five Ways to Do a Digital Detox

In addiction treatment, we consider detoxification a critical part of Recovery for many patients. People in Recovery can also benefit from a different kind of detoxification — a digital detox. By reducing your technology use, you can find new ways to improve your physical, emotional and spiritual wellness.

What Is a Digital Detox?

During digital detox, a person stops using technology like smartphones, computers and televisions. While most people can’t get rid of technology entirely, they can take breaks to focus on other parts of life. A digital detox can help you lower the stress and physical effects of constant technology use.

Five Digital Detox Tips

You can use many strategies to take a break from screen time. Different methods work for different people because of our unique lifestyles and personalities. Try these five ways to do a digital detoxification:

  1. Set time boundaries: Schedule technology-free hours every day, stay away from your phone during meals or add technology-free activities to your schedule like classes.
  2. Use your phone with purpose: When you want to use your phone, consider the reason why. If it involves negative coping behaviors like avoidance of an activity, think about how you can better handle that feeling.
  3. Set physical boundaries: If you have trouble putting down your phone, try storing it in another room to discourage yourself from using it.
  4. Enjoy more paper media: Try out non-digital media like books, newspapers and comics. You can also pick up a pencil and paper to write or draw.
  5. Take advantage of your phone’s apps and features: Your phone’s features can help you control your overall technology use. For example, you can turn off notifications for certain apps or turn off your phone entirely for a while.

Benefits of Digital Detox During Addiction Recovery

Digital detox can promote Recovery from alcohol or drugs by helping you live a healthier lifestyle. Some of the specific ways that digital detox can boost your Recovery include:

  • Improve mental health: Many people with addiction also have mental health conditions that contribute to their addiction. A digital detox can reduce the mental health symptoms associated with excess technology use and help make Recovery a little easier.
  • Reduce stress: Stress can create drug or alcohol cravings for a lot of people in Recovery. By reducing the stress that comes from social media and other technology through a digital detox, you can better control any related withdrawal symptoms.
  • Enhance sleep: Evidence shows that frequent device use can disrupt your sleep schedule and make it harder to sleep. Improving your sleep through digital detox allows you to better rest your body as it recovers from addiction.

Adding Digital Detox to Your Recovery Strategy

By including digital detox habits within your Recovery skills, you can discover new ways to manage your Recovery. If you need support while you find Recovery strategies that work for you, a treatment center like 7 Summit Pathways can help. We welcome you to contact our staff online or schedule your first appointment to get the support you need.