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3 Stages of Cocaine Addiction

man in dimly lit bathroom leaning against mirror with head bowed undergoing one of the 3 stages of cocaine addiction

Cocaine is an addictive stimulant that produces euphoria, an overinflated sense of well-being, and high levels of energy. It also causes increased heart rate, blood pressure, and body temperatures that can cause permanent harm to your body and mind. There are different stages of cocaine addiction that you should be familiar with if you or a loved one is abusing this drug. Knowing the dangers of addiction and the potential harm associated with it is essential these days as more state and federal drug laws are relaxed.

7 Summit Pathways is a fully accredited addiction treatment facility that supports men and women who are struggling with an addiction to cocaine, heroin, meth, or other addictive substances. Our certified behavioral therapists use the latest treatment modalities to treat substance use disorders and any associated disorders that may be fueling the abuse. Our treatment programs are tailored to the individual and will include a mix of behavioral, holistic, and medicinal therapies. If you or a loved one is abusing cocaine and need help stopping the abuse, call 813.212.7149 today for more information about our cocaine addiction rehab in Florida.

What Is Cocaine Addiction?

Cocaine addiction is a serious problem in the U.S. that started in the 1980s and continues to cause tens of thousands of deaths each year. The chemicals in cocaine interact with the mu-opioid receptors in your body and cause a flood of dopamine that you can never produce naturally. With repeated use, your body begins to form a chemical dependence and mental cravings, to the point where you will experience a number of physical and psychological symptoms.

Cocaine addiction causes several physical signs that you can look for if you suspect a friend or loved one is abusing this dangerous stimulant:

  • Dilated pupils
  • Burn marks on fingertips and lips
  • Frequent runny nose
  • Very excitable
  • High levels of energy
  • Sweating
  • Extremely talkative

At 7 Summit Pathways, we will go over any questions you have before starting the program, like what is cocaine addiction and what it takes to recover safely. We will discuss the various types of therapies and programs you will participate in and continue to monitor your progress throughout the program to ensure you are reaching your recovery goals.

3 Stages of Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine addiction is a complex mental health disorder affecting millions of teens and adults yearly. While addiction awareness is increasing in the U.S., many people are still unaware of the dangers of cocaine abuse and how easy it can be to develop an addiction. Here are the three stages of cocaine addiction:

1. Experimentation

Our society has a misguided relationship with drugs and alcohol, to the point where experimentation is almost a right of passage. The risk of developing an addiction after a single use is very low, but it can lead to cravings for more cocaine to continue feeling the same effects. At this stage, it only takes a small amount to feel the effects.

2. Continued Use

Those who continue to take more cocaine on a regular basis will start developing a tolerance for the drug, which means they will need to take more to feel the same effects. The more you take, the more your body will begin to rely on cocaine to function normally, to the point where you will experience a number of withdrawal symptoms that can include:

  • Intense drug cravings
  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • A lack of mental clarity
  • Paranoia

3. Dependence and Addiction

The final stage of cocaine addiction is characterized by an inability to stop the abuse despite any desire to quit or risk of physical harm. The intensity of their cravings, along with the physical pain caused by withdrawals, forces people to continue the abuse even if they are aware of the damage they are causing to themselves.

Cocaine addiction is a severe health crisis in the U.S. If the abuse continues, it can lead to severe damage to the nasal passage and throat, malnourishment, organ failure, stroke, heart disease, cardiovascular disease, Parkinson’s disease, and other neurological disorders.

Join 7 Summit Pathways for Our Cocaine Addiction Rehab in Florida

At 7 Summit Pathways, we welcome all Floridians who are struggling with an addiction to cocaine, heroin, alcohol, or other deadly substances. When you first arrive at our discreet facility, we will run a full assessment to determine the best course of action for treating your symptoms and the unique causes behind the abuse. You will work with a behavioral therapist in group and private therapy sessions for several hours a day for up to 8-12 weeks or longer, depending on your progress.

To learn more about the stages of cocaine addiction and the harm it can cause, call 813.212.7149 today to speak with our knowledgeable team or reach out online.