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What Is Positive Psychology?

Your attitude can determine so much about your life. When you approach things with a sunny outlook and view challenges as opportunities, you are more likely to remain engaged and excited about getting through these times.

That is the concept behind positive psychology. It focuses on staying happy and upbeat while trying to build a better life. Those who adopt positive psychology do not ignore the hiccups in life — rather, they want to thrive through those circumstances. Positive psychology can take some work to achieve, but you may find yourself happier and more productive when you embrace this unique mindset.

The Benefits of Positive Psychology

Positive psychology has many advantages. Its practitioners want to flourish in life, and they embrace a growth mindset instead of a fixed one. They believe they can learn things and change the way they are, which makes so many parts of life easier. Other advantages of positive psychology include:

  • Feeling happier even when you use the “fake it until you make it” approach
  • Cultivating gratitude that makes every day seem brighter
  • Boosting performance on the job or when tackling small tasks around the house
  • Seeing big adjustments from small actions
  • Reducing stress and tension
  • Practicing authenticity

The goals of positive psychology include being kinder to others and yourself, giving expressions of love such as hugs more freely, and seeing your happiness rub off on friends and family members.

Why Is Positive Psychology Important in Recovery?

Positive psychology encourages practicers to acknowledge life’s downs, as well as its ups, and find a way to deal with them. During Recovery, you will experience a range of emotions, and positive psychology offers a roadmap for navigating a challenging experience with a positive outlook. Instead of seeing difficulties as setbacks, you see them as part of the plan. You’ll look at perceived failures as an opportunity to try again, and you accept that you have work to do that you can complete.

Your outlook will determine so much of what happens during Recovery. People who want to get better and do everything they can to meet that goal will approach every challenge with positivity. This makes the process less scary and more achievable.

Recovery is not easy, but coming at it with the right attitude will make the journey smoother. When you believe in yourself and put that into daily practice, you will find your outlook becomes more positive, and you will see your many attributes that can contribute to success in Recovery.

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