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What Is a Sober Bar?

When adjusting to life in Recovery from Alcohol Addiction, you may have a hard time finding new social activities. Fortunately, a decrease in drinking across the United States has encouraged a new trend — sober bars. Many people in Recovery find a sense of community at these bars as they work toward an alcohol-free life.

What Are Sober Bars?

Sober bars serve non-alcoholic drinks in a bar setting. Other names for sober bars include non-alcoholic bars, sober-friendly bars and creative names like spirit-free bars. You can find more of these bars throughout the country than in the past due to lower drinking rates in millennials and Generation Z.

These establishments come in many forms, including completely alcohol-free bars and places that also serve alcoholic drinks. Many sober bars give you a similar experience as a traditional bar with their dedication to drink craftsmanship and opportunities to socialize. Some only allow people over 21 to promote a bar-like atmosphere. If you’re under 21, you can still find sober bars for people of all ages.

What Do You Drink at Sober Bars?

Instead of or in addition to alcoholic drinks, sober bars serve non-alcoholic drinks, also known as mocktails or zero-proof drinks. The bartenders pay as much attention to these beverages as they would to alcoholic drinks. Some zero-proof drinks have a similar recipe to alcoholic drinks, such as mojito mocktails. Others stand on their own, like a Shirley Temple or original concoction.

Visiting a Sober Bar During Alcohol Addiction Recovery

When you visit a sober bar as someone in Recovery, remember to get the support you need and keep your coping skills in mind. You may want to talk to your Alcohol Addiction therapist before going to a sober bar. Everyone has different triggers, and some people in Recovery may experience triggers at an alcohol-free bar because it replicates the classic bar experience. At the same time, others may use their local alcohol-free bar as a good environment to manage their triggers.

How to Find Sober Bars

Your support systems and the internet give you plenty of ways to find an alcohol-free bar near you. Consider these strategies during your search:

  • Remember to use alternative terms for sober bars such as “alcohol-free bars,” “zero-proof bars” and “booze-free bars” in an online search.
  • Ask your addiction care center if they have any resources for sober activities to do in your area.
  • If you participate in a support group, ask your fellow members if they recommend any places.

How to Get Support With Alcohol Addiction Recovery

If you need help building Recovery strategies like switching to sober bars, an addiction treatment center can help. At 7 Summit Pathways, we combine evidence-based and holistic therapies to help people overcome addiction. Learn more about Recovery by contacting our staff or scheduling your first appointment.