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Path to Healing from Addiction

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The Importance of Family Participation in Treatment

At 7 Summit Pathways, we truly understand the need for family involvement in addiction treatment. We use a personalized treatment plan that gives our patients the tools to achieve long-term Recovery, and we want families to be involved and support their loved one throughout the process.

Why It’s Important for Family to Be Involved

Family participation in treatment is extremely important. Research shows that when families are involved in the treatment process, the dropout rates decrease and there’s a greater chance for more long-term success. Involving the whole family during treatment can help address the issues and create an environment where Recovery is possible.

7 Summit Pathways will help you create a home environment that promotes Recovery. During treatment, the whole family can work through their range of emotions, often including fear, anger, helplessness and more. After addressing these feelings, we can help you create an environment where your loved one will thrive when they come home.

The Role of Family in Addiction Treatment

Every family is different, and 7 Summit Pathways will work to understand yours and how each member has been impacted by addiction. Even if your family doesn’t have a history of addiction, your role in your loved one’s recovery is important.

The roles of family in addiction Recovery include:

  • Identifying codependency: Sometimes a family member can support an addictive behavior that causes them stress and creates a codependent relationship with whoever has an addiction. We identify these codependency issues and work to undo them to create more positive family roles.
  • Stopping an enabling dynamic: Some families will assist an addicted person or the two may even help each other under certain circumstances. It can be hard not to help an addicted family member in the wrong ways, so 7 Summit Pathways helps identify this behavior and stop it.
  • Recognizing generational addiction: Addiction can be present throughout multiple generations in families. We will work with your family to identify this kind of environment and how changing it can reduce the risk of relapse in the future.

How Family Can Be Involved

Your family has multiple ways to be involved with 7 Summit Pathways, and we encourage you to ask us questions throughout this entire journey. We offer family groups with a licensed therapist, which are focused on education and support and are held one night a week. Our evidence-based treatment options and extensive experience will help your family overcome these barriers, and help you celebrate your loved one’s Recovery together.

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