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Why Happiness Is Important for Recovery

Happiness is a word we constantly throw around, but do you truly know what it means in your own life? Developing your own happiness is essential in achieving long-term Recovery. While you may feel like the only happiness you can find is in drugs and alcohol, there are greater joys in Recovery that will make you truly happy.

At 7 Summit Pathways, our holistic therapies are designed to help you go through detoxification and discover life in Recovery. Our philosophy is based on the seven dimensions of wellness, including physical, emotional, social, spiritual, environmental, occupational and intellectual wellness. Through a personalized approach, we can help you find happiness and joy outside of your addiction.

What Is Happiness?

Happiness can be difficult to define, and the question “What is happiness?” often depends on the person you ask. The emotion is typically defined as a state rather than a trait. It’s fluid and fleeting, and you can shape your feelings to experience happiness.

Most people also associate happiness with feelings of contentment or pleasure instead of more intense feelings such as joy or ecstasy. You can feel happiness or show it, so it’s not purely internal. If you externalize your happiness, you can also gain the benefit of sharing the feeling with someone else who may need it.

Why Does Happiness Matter in Recovery?

Happiness is important in your daily life, but it matters even more during Recovery. True happiness gives you a reason to stay in Recovery and gives you the motivation you need to overcome your addiction. It will also help you:

  • Work toward your goals
  • Withstand the temptation of cravings
  • Look forward to future happiness
  • Find meaning in what you want to do

You don’t need to feel hopeless. Addiction can distort your feelings of happiness, and true contentment may seem distant and unfamiliar to you now, but you can remember your old hobbies or discover new ones in treatment. Focusing on the things that make you happy can become an important tool in determining why happiness matters in Recovery.

How to Boost Happiness

Since happiness is a state that’s constantly changing, there are ways to learn how to boost its occurrence. First, make a list of all the sources that enhance your life, whether it’s your job, your relationships, your hobbies, your physical health or something else. Then, try to work on boosting the areas that are most important to you. If you want to improve your health, try taking more walks. If you want to focus on relationships, try spending more time with family and friends.

Overall, if you find more ways to introduce these positive feelings and habits into your life, you’ll start to feel happier.

How 7 Summit Pathways Can Help

7 Summit Pathways can help you find happiness in Recovery. Our holistic therapies and personalized treatment options are devoted to helping you safely go through detoxification and discover what life can be like after addiction. Contact us to learn more, or schedule an appointmenttoday.