Medical & Psychiatric Care

A 7 Summit Pathways doctor smiling at cameraWe uphold an addiction treatment philosophy that integrates physician-prescribed medications and the latest therapeutic methodologies to provide our clients with all the necessary tools to achieve sobriety and long-standing recovery. Our goal is to strengthen each client’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health so they leave our substance rehabilitation program in Tampa feeling reborn and ready to enjoy a meaningful, sober life.

7 Summit Pathways’ team of Board-certified Addiction Medicine Physicians, Addiction Psychiatrists, therapists, life skills counselors and other experienced staff members possess the expertise, empathy and understanding those suffering from addiction need to overcome the debilitating disease of Substance Abuse and Dependencies Addiction Medicine. Upon entering 7 Summit Pathways, clients are given a complete physical examination by a certified addiction medicine physician and then assessed for possible co-morbid behavioral health issues to optimize their personalized treatment program.

A large number of people who are seeking help suffer from one or more undiagnosed behavioral health issues that contribute to the development of their addiction. Clients given a “dual diagnosis” of mental health illness and a substance addiction will have their treatment program expanded to include counseling, holistic therapy activities and any medications needed to treat mental health problems.

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