Yoga for Addiction Treatment in Tampa, FL

Addiction collides with every part of a person’s life — mind, body and spirit. At 7 Summit Pathways Treatment and Recovery Center, we believe that there are many roads to Recovery. Our goal is to help patients find holistic healing that addresses every dimension of wellness. Along with more traditional, evidence-based methodologies, we offer a variety of holistic therapy options that can help you achieve, maintain and enhance your Recovery. One such alternative approach is yoga.

Complementary practices like yoga allow patients to find what works for them. Yoga teaches you how to be present in the moment and broadens your understanding of the connection between body, mind and spirit. 

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What Is Yoga?

In the realm of addiction treatment, yoga is a complementary health practice that can enhance your Recovery journey. Although it has become popular worldwide in recent years, yoga has been practiced for thousands of years in India. “Yoga” comes from the Sanskrit word Yuj, which means to join or unite, and that is the goal of this practice — to bring mind, body and spirit into union.

Yoga combines physical activity, postures, breathing, mindfulness and meditation. The goal is to gain a sense of self-awareness and focus inward. Yoga also promotes relaxation, calmness and emotional grounding.

How Is Yoga Practice Used for Addiction Treatment?

Addiction takes a person out of their body. Drugs and alcohol allow them to disconnect from hurt and powerful emotions. Once they give these substances up in Recovery, patients need to develop new ways to cope with emotional turmoil, stress and pain. Developing a yoga practice gives those in Recovery a healthy outlet and coping mechanism.

Yoga is an excellent way to help patients remain relaxed and grounded in the midst of the stress that can arise during detoxification. This practice can also provide a peaceful respite, minimizing the desire to use substances for escape. 

People suffering from addiction often use substances to regulate their moods or manage pain. Yoga can provide a refuge, addressing the physical discomfort and emotional turmoil many patients experience during Recovery. Yoga can also help regulate the stress hormone cortisol, providing relief to patients struggling with co-occurring conditions like anxiety disorders, depression and PTSD.

Benefits of Yoga for Spiritual, Physical and Mental Health

Yoga does not require any special ability or physical prowess. Almost anybody can do it — they need only step onto the mat. When used as part of your comprehensive addiction treatment program, yoga can:

  • Encourage self-awareness and reflection
  • Increase relaxation and calm
  • Reduce withdrawal symptoms and cravings
  • Provide a healthy outlet to cope with stress and potential triggers
  • Increase physical stamina, strength and energy levels
  • Promote healthy living
  • Improve self-confidence and self-image
  • Reduce fatigue and support better sleep
  • Encourage emotional stability and healing
  • Improve overall health and wellness
  • Help prevent relapse

How Is Yoga Used at 7 Summit Pathways?

The goal of yoga at 7 Summit Pathways is to provide patients with another tool to help them on their road to Recovery. Our holistic philosophy addresses the whole person by emphasizing the 7 Dimensions of Wellness:

  1. Emotional Wellness
  2. Physical Wellness
  3. Spiritual Wellness
  4. Intellectual Wellness
  5. Social Wellness
  6. Environmental Wellness
  7. Occupational Wellness

Our staff members, including our yoga instructor, are committed to helping you find peace and balance in every aspect of your life. We believe that a well-rounded treatment program should be tailored to your specific needs. You do not have to be spiritual to join our yoga classes. Every time you come back to the mat, your body builds strength and muscle memory. This connection between mind and body helps you be more mindful and can assist you on your Recovery journey.

About Our Addiction Treatment Programs

Recovery is not one-size-fits-all. Each individual struggling with addiction needs to find what works for them. Our comprehensive addiction treatment programs give you the freedom to explore a wide range of relapse prevention methodologies, from traditional evidence-based treatments to holistic therapy options like yoga. These personalized programs ensure you get the most out of your time with us.

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If you’re tired of fighting substance addiction alone, 7 Summit Pathways is here to help. We provide individuals with access to state-of-the-art treatments based on the latest research, as well as holistic therapies like yoga. Contact us today to learn how to begin your journey to a healthier tomorrow.