Expressive Arts Therapy

Expressive Arts Therapy for Addiction Treatment in Tampa, Florida

Addiction ensnares every part of a person’s life — mind, body and spirit. To help patients fight this disease, 7 Summit Pathways creates highly individualized treatment plans that take a more holistic approach to addiction treatment. 

Along with traditional evidence-based care, like individual and group therapy, we offer a wide range of relaxing and fulfilling activities. Expressive arts therapy is an innovative treatment modality that harnesses the power of creativity to help patients find healthy ways to express themselves and discover deeper healing. 

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What Is Expressive Arts Therapy?

Art therapy uses the expressive arts as a healing tool. This experiential therapy addresses a patient’s emotional and spiritual wellness through creative activities. You do not have to have a background in the arts to participate. All it takes to benefit from these sessions is active engagement and openness to the experience.

Many patients find expressive arts therapy relaxing and enjoyable, as it helps them deal with stress and anxiety that can emerge during addiction treatment. Sessions also help patients be fully present in the moment. On a deeper level, creative expression helps patients understand themselves and express pent-up feelings healthily. Expressive arts therapy can be particularly beneficial for patients dealing with trauma, since it gives them a safe space to explore memories, feelings and experiences that are challenging to confront directly.

How Is Creative Expression Used in Addiction Treatment?

Addiction treatment involves far more than ceasing drug use — it requires understanding the causes of addiction, finding motivation for Recovery and learning to cope with obstacles you may face on the road to healing. 

Expressive arts therapy is a powerful tool for self-expression and emotional exploration, making it a valuable part of addiction treatment. Feelings or thoughts that are too painful to say out loud can be expressed through drawing, painting, sculpting or other media. When used in conjunction with other therapy modalities, expressive arts therapy can promote a more holistic healing process.

Expressive arts therapy can also help the brain recover from addiction. When an individual suffers from drug or alcohol addiction, the pleasure-seeking part of the brain becomes hijacked. As time goes on, the urge to use morphs into a punishment rather than pleasure until the desire for a substance becomes all-encompassing. Creativity speaks to that part of the brain, helping it feel calmed and relaxed and counteracting the psychological urge to use.

Benefits of Expressive Arts Therapy

One of the main goals of expressive arts therapy is to help patients relearn healthy ways of functioning — socially, emotionally and intellectually. Participation in creative sessions benefits patients by:

  • Reducing anxiety and serving as a non-addictive relaxation technique
  • Improving emotional regulation by helping resolve emotional conflicts
  • Building positive self-esteem through self-expression
  • Encouraging healthy self-awareness
  • Developing social skills through group participation

How Is Expressive Arts Therapy Used at 7 Summit Pathways?

At 7 Summit Pathways, our holistic philosophy is centered on the 7 Dimensions of Wellness:

  1. Physical Wellness
  2. Emotional Wellness
  3. Spiritual Wellness
  4. Intellectual Wellness
  5. Social Wellness
  6. Occupational Wellness
  7. Environmental Wellness

Our staff members are committed to helping you find balance and peace in all aspects of wellness through effective, well-rounded therapy. Your individualized treatment program is tailored to your specific needs. Holistic therapy options ensure treatment speaks to the body, mind and spirit, rather than focusing solely on the physical aspect of addiction. 

Expressive arts therapy at 7 Summit Pathways is not about skill level — it’s about participation. This modality speaks profoundly to many patients and helps them find a deeper level of healing. Others just have fun with it, using sessions as an opportunity to relax and unwind. We encourage patients to use materials in different ways, giving alternative options to individuals who don’t want to participate in that day’s activity. Individuals inclined to creative expression may use what they learned in expressive arts therapy to maintain and enhance their Recovery journey.

About Our Addiction Treatment Programs

Addiction is a disease that requires more than physical healing. We believe that true change comes from transforming thoughts, feelings, behaviors and beliefs. To accomplish this, our comprehensive addiction treatment programs combine state-of-the-art relapse prevention methodologies, evidence-based processes and holistic therapies. Unlike a one-size-fits-all approach, our individualized plans ensure patients get the most out of their time with us. 

Learn More About Expressive Arts Therapy at 7 Summit Pathways

Our experienced clinical staff and art therapy counselors understand what it takes to break the bonds of addiction and are dedicated to providing you with effective treatment that works. If you would like to learn more about how we utilize creative expression in our patient-centered treatment programs, please contact us today.