Vocation Programs

Tampa Vocation Programs Create New Opportunities for a Fresh Start

Several young people participating in an educational programEveryone needs to hit the “reset” button at some point. Starting over with a clean slate can breathe new life into an otherwise dejected psyche. If you or a loved one are suffering from Substance Use Disorder, you may feel that life doesn’t offer you a chance to launch a fresh start, especially if a trail of relapses and wreckage has left you in despair.

Let’s change that.

Take the First Step

Continue Your Education

In contrast to traditional relapse prevention theories, 7 Summit Pathways has embraced a model called the Biopsychosocial (BPS) model and integrated it into our treatment process. Rather than focusing solely on high-risk situations, coping skills and lifestyle factors to prevent relapse, we include education as a component in relapse prevention.

If you’ve left rehabilitation and returned to an environment where nothing has changed, resisting urges and cravings may have seemed impossible. You wanted something to stimulate your commitment to Recovery, but the motivation was hard to find when you returned to your old life and familiar surroundings with old friends.

7 Summit Pathways Offers Care and Learning

We’ve worked with many patients in the same situation, which is why we’ve implemented what we call the “educational model.” Our therapists and caseworkers work closely with you during treatment to implement this educational model in a classroom setting where you’re treated like a committed student for two hours, twice each week. This includes face-to-face learning and homework assignments to ensure your intellectual stimulation continues outside of treatment.

What to Expect

education-programOur course content is structured to encourage positive reinforcement of your progress, and you’ll receive a certificate of completion at the end. Your time spent with us in this program can be used for college credits, entrance to vocational schools or GED completion. If you already have a degree, our educational model will still fulfill your need for intellectual stimulation during Recovery.

Our educational program places special emphasis on critical thinking, writing skills, time management and goal setting. As a student, you’ll work to create written goals you can achieve, with timelines for completion and regular progress reports to faculty and peer groups. You’ll also have opportunity to participate in group projects that have a positive impact on your community.

7 Dimensions of Wellness

7 Summit Pathways is committed to Holistic Therapies that integrate the following “7 Dimensions of Wellness”:

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Social
  • Spiritual
  • Environmental
  • Occupational
  • Intellectual

Our educational program is the intellectual component. This medically oriented, evidence-based approach to Substance Abuse Disorder, combined with the natural healing abilities of holistic and experiential therapies, has helped us launch thousands into lifelong Recovery.

Let 7 Summit Pathways Help

There is life beyond Substance Use Disorder, and we want to help you enjoy it. We don’t just know what works, we ARE what works. Let us help you meet the best version of yourself. Call 7 Summit Pathways at 813-630-4673 for a free phone consultation now.