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Drug & Alcohol Abuse Treatment for Business Professionals in Tampa, Florida

Life as a business professional is demanding. Deadlines, meetings, high-pressure decisions and frequent business trips away from home can be aggressive stressors. Drugs and alcohol often become means that are used cope with the tensions of taxing lifestyles.

At first, these substances serve as an occasional means to calm your nerves before a big presentation or to take the edge of a long, hard day. But dependence is a slow-building process.

As your on-the-job performance decreases and more people ask if you’re okay, you might feel as if you’re losing control and can’t seem to get a grip on things. If you or a loved one has experienced this — there is hope for Recovery.

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What Set 7 Summit Pathways Apart From the Rest?

A business professional using a laptop and reading from a paperOur individualized plans, continuum of care and familial support set us apart from most rehabilitation centers. Our most distinct differences lie in our evidence-based treatment built around The 7 Dimensions of Wellness. These include the following areas of wellness:

  • Physical — This entails nutrition, medication and exercise to help your body during the detoxification process and ensure you’re in shape to sustain a life of Recovery.
  • Emotional — We strive to ensure you have one-on-one support and feel cared for during every stage of treatment.
  • Social — Healthy, fulfilling social interactions are essential to sobriety, as they help make you more self-aware.
  • Spiritual — While we don’t depend on one particular religious belief, we believe personal fulfillment is a must for maintaining a life of Recovery.
  • Environmental — The home and workplace should be suited to work with your Recovery, and not against it. We help you create a healthy environment that aids in dealing with Substance Use Disorder.
  • Occupational — This aspect focuses specifically on your work environment and ensures it’s set up in a manner that supports lifelong Recovery.
  • Intellectual — Learning doesn’t stop, even when you’re in Recovery. Our educational program ensures you have the intellectual stimulation you need to remain committed to Recovery after treatment.

Special Considerations for Business Professionals

Patients in our Executive and Professional Program are afforded flexibility when it comes to maintaining their lives outside of treatment. While treatment and Recovery remain our top priority, we make accommodations for professionals who have added obligations. We also work closely with patients to create solid aftercare plans that help them transition back into home and professional life post-treatment.

Patients in our Executive Program receive:

  • Attention and sensitivity to a working professionals’ demands
  • A personalized plan for long-term Recovery
  • Interaction with peers having similar life experiences and circumstances
  • Specialty groups for working professionals
  • Confidential group treatment and one-on-one counseling

Let 7 Summit Pathways Help

Confronting your demons can be a frightening experience. That you’re reading this page is a testament to the strength and courage you possess. Our experienced clinical staff and physicians have spent a lifetime helping thousands discover the best version of themselves. It’s your turn now. Call 7 Summit Pathways at 813-630-4673 for a free phone consultation today. The journey to the summit begins with the first step.