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Tampa Drug & Alcohol Abuse Treatment for Athletes, Musicians, & Artists

If your career pushes you into the public eye and constant scrutiny, it’s easy to understand how you might find yourself relying on a pick-me-up to make it through the day.

Some athletes use performance enhancers to compete, and alcohol to wind down. Musicians commonly begin using drugs socially, but then find themselves needing more and more to achieve the same release. It’s not uncommon for artists to suffer from mental illness as an underlying cause for drug and alcohol issues.

If you’ve found yourself hitting rock bottom, or know someone who is close to doing so, it can be easy to presume there’s no help. But there is.

Take the First Step

Total Wellness and Individualized Treatment Lead to Lifelong Recovery

A musician playing guitar in a recording studioOne of the issues with treatment centers and wellness programs, especially for Substance Use Disorders, is a “one size fits all” approach. Many include a list of steps that must be achieved in a specific order.

For some, the traditional 12-Step process is only as effective as trying to quit cold turkey, and failure to overcome issues is not uncommon. While we at 7 Summit Pathways embrace 12-step Recovery as a viable tool, it’s not the focus of our process.

7 Summit Pathways does have a list. We call it The 7 Dimensions of Wellness. They include:

  • Physical — We focus on your physical health while ensuring full detoxification in the most comfortable manner possible.
  • Emotional — We support your emotional needs to ensure you feel cared for at every stage of your treatment.
  • Social — We help you foster and maintain healthy, fulfilling social interactions.
  • Spiritual — Defined as helping you feel personally fulfilled. 7 Summit Pathways focuses on evidence-based therapies. For us, spiritual wellness is not solely dependent upon religious belief.
  • Environmental — We help you create an environment around you which aids you in dealing with Substance Use Disorder.
  • Occupational — This focus ensures your work environment is set up in a manner that supports your lifelong Recovery.
  • Intellectual — We provide intellectual stimulation through an educational program that sets us apart from other treatment centers.

While we’ve presented these dimensions in a list, that does not mean we facilitate them as chronologic tasks. Instead, they are overarching ideals through which our evidence-based, medically oriented therapies operate.

What Makes 7 Summit Pathways Different

If you’ve been to rehabilitation treatment centers before, you may not have gotten the help you need. In our experience, generalized treatment plans might not help most athletes, musicians and artists.

7 Summit Pathways doesn’t simply expect you to follow a preconceived plan. We work closely with you to develop a personalized treatment plan which incorporates the following:

  • Intake Assessments and Evaluations
  • Medical and Psychiatric Evaluations
  • Individualized Plans of Care
  • Group Therapies
  • Individual Therapies
  • Medication Assisted Therapies
  • Chiropractic Therapy
  • Family Groups
  • BioFeedback
  • Nutrition Education
  • Yoga and Guided Meditation
  • Massage and Reflexology Therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Life Skills
  • Financial Planning
  • Aftercare Services and Referrals
  • Expressive Arts Therapy

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