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Expressive Arts Therapy and Addiction Recovery

Expressive arts therapy and addiction recovery

Shame, anger, fear — these emotions are just a few of the ones you may face when you’re battling addiction. During your Recovery process, breaking free of thoughts and actions that are self-destructive should be one of the main priorities of your rehabilitation program, but addiction to drugs or alcohol is a very individual experience. […]

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The Benefits of Yoga During Your Recovery Journey

the benefits of yoga during your recovery journey

As you break the bonds of addiction in your life, take advantage of any treatment program or method that helps you during your Recovery journey. One such tool is yoga. Today, more and more experts realize that a holistic approach to Recovery can enhance a person’s ability to break free from Drug or Alcohol addiction. […]

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What Is Holistic Therapy?

what is holistic therapy

Holistic therapy and holistic health are relatively new buzzwords that have gained a considerable following. For individuals with chronic pain or even addiction, holistic therapy can help connect physical, mental and social health to treat the core problem. If you’re looking for a treatment center that values holistic health, choose 7 Summit Pathways. We’re committed […]

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Mindfulness Meditation for Recovery

Stones balance on beach, sunrise shot

Mindfulness Meditation is growing in popularity and there is probably no better use for it than for those beginning their journey of recovery.  The results are astonishing. After just a week or so of day-to-day practice, patients begin experiencing calmer thinking, less attachment to emotional ups and downs, less power behind cravings, and an increased […]

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