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How to Help an Alcoholic Friend

how to help an alcoholic friend

Watching a friend struggle with alcohol addiction can be difficult. You want to give your friend the support and unconditional love they need to recover, but they may not be open to your helpful overtures. They may even feel resentful of your attempts to get them the help they need to recover from their addiction.  […]

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How to Say No

how to say no

Many people have difficulty saying no. Even in everyday life, individuals take on too many tasks and run themselves ragged trying to work, have a home life, plan the school bake sale and volunteer to coach their kids’ teams.  But saying no can be even more difficult for someone who struggles with alcohol addiction. While […]

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What Is Positive Psychology?

what is positive psychology

Your attitude can determine so much about your life. When you approach things with a sunny outlook and view challenges as opportunities, you are more likely to remain engaged and excited about getting through these times.  That is the concept behind positive psychology. It focuses on staying happy and upbeat while trying to build a […]

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How to Clear Your Mind of Negative Thoughts

how to clear your mind

At any given moment, most people have about a dozen thoughts clambering for your attention. From an early age, we learn to prioritize each idea and reflection so as not to become overwhelmed by our thoughts. However, it’s not always that easy. When you experience stress and other powerful emotions, it becomes nearly impossible to […]

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How to Meditate Daily

how to meditate daily

During your addiction treatment program, you may have learned about the benefits of practicing meditation every day. Once you get home and back into the rhythm of regular life, the challenge becomes how to fit this new skill into your daily schedule. You may feel like there’s barely enough time to shower and eat breakfast, […]

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