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What Is Self-Compassion

what is self compassion

To better understand what self-compassion is, it’s crucial to first explore why it matters. We’ve all felt the effects of negative self-talk, or the critiquing inner voice known as the anti-self. The anti-self, when it emerges, perpetuates a negative line of thinking called the “critical inner voice.” The critical voice is comprised of negative thoughts […]

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Optimistic vs. Pessimistic

optimistic vs pessimistic

The way we view the world can influence a variety of things — who we interact with, our physical, mental and emotional well being, the decisions we make and more. When we think of optimism vs. pessimism, we usually attribute a more positive view of the former. After all, optimism comes with a lot of […]

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What Are the Five Stages of Grief

what are the five stages of grief

Grief is a universal experience and one brought on by a multitude of different factors — loss of a loved one, divorce, terminal medical news or even substance abuse. In 1969, Swiss psychiatrist Elizabeth Kübler-Ross outlined five stages of grief based on her work with critically ill patients. Kübler-Ross claims that these stages do not need […]

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How to Help an Alcoholic Friend

how to help an alcoholic friend

Watching a friend struggle with alcohol addiction can be difficult. You want to give your friend the support and unconditional love they need to recover, but they may not be open to your helpful overtures. They may even feel resentful of your attempts to get them the help they need to recover from their addiction.  […]

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How to Say No

how to say no

Many people have difficulty saying no. Even in everyday life, individuals take on too many tasks and run themselves ragged trying to work, have a home life, plan the school bake sale and volunteer to coach their kids’ teams.  But saying no can be even more difficult for someone who struggles with alcohol addiction. While […]

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