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What Is Self-Compassion

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To better understand what self-compassion is, it’s crucial to first explore why it matters. We’ve all felt the effects of negative self-talk, or the critiquing inner voice known as the...

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Optimistic vs. Pessimistic

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The way we view the world can influence a variety of things — who we interact with, our physical, mental and emotional well being, the decisions we make and more....

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What Are the Five Stages of Grief

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Grief is a universal experience and one brought on by a multitude of different factors — loss of a loved one, divorce, terminal medical news or even substance abuse. In 1969,...

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How to Help an Alcoholic Friend

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Watching a friend struggle with alcohol addiction can be difficult. You want to give your friend the support and unconditional love they need to recover, but they may not be...

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How to Say No

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Many people have difficulty saying no. Even in everyday life, individuals take on too many tasks and run themselves ragged trying to work, have a home life, plan the school...

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