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The Four Levels of Happiness

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The pursuit of happiness is a human characteristic everyone has in common. For many, happiness seems to be an elusive goal, and it’s easy to sink into misery and unhappiness. When...

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How to Unwind Without Alcohol

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From a glass of wine before bed to grabbing a beer with friends after work, using alcohol to unwind is a huge part of today’s culture. After a while, you...

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Is Addiction Genetic?

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Yes — addiction has a genetic component. In fact, at least half of the factors that make people prone to addiction appear to be linked to genetics. Yet addiction is a complex...

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What Is a Co-Occurring Disorder?

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Addiction can affect anyone, of any race, social status, job or gender. If you struggle with a psychological disorder, there’s a higher chance you may fall prey to addiction. If you...

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How to Make it Through Holiday Parties Sober

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The holidays are upon us yet again. This time of joy and goodwill is the perfect opportunity to relax and enjoy yourself after another year in Recovery. While you deserve...

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