Kandi Pipp

Kandi Pipp

Yoga and Sound Therapist 

Kandi found yoga almost 12  years ago when she came into Recovery from drugs and alcohol.  Up until she got clean at age 28, her life had been a whirlwind of chaos, depression, and destruction. Yoga became a tool to start healing from the inside to the out. At first she did not know what was happening she just knew that when she stepped off the mat each time she felt a little bit better, lighter. Little did she know that healing was taking place! 

After having her 2nd son in 2014, instead of going back to work as an addiction counselor,  she decided that she wanted to start helping people find that inner peace and self love from a different angle. This desire to learn and grow lead her to the Lotus Pond in Tampa, where she had the opportunity to learn from some amazing teachers such as Master Teacher Karin Stephan, Larissa Carlson, Jennifer Reis, and Amy Weintraub.  

She has been certified in Yin Yoga, Devine Sleep Yoga Nidra, Restorative, Life Force Yoga to manage your moods, and Y12SR. Recently she finished her 500 hour training and cannot wait to see what comes next. Learning to work with energy healing has been a passion as well and she have been learning how to heal using Reiki and (Usui lineage) from Reverend Luna who works at Harmony Church in Tampa.

Yoga for Recovery is a class that was created to help others in the community to find another outlet to destress and relax. She currently works with 7 Summit Pathways, bringing in sound healing and yoga as another tool to help with sobriety. She loves to weave together yoga principles with recovery principles, gently blending together to create a beautiful class. Working with the Wounded Warriors has been another source of joy on this journey, she has been working with a young woman who has a brain injury for over a year. Watching how yoga has helped her heal and grow has been such an amazing gift!